Here to Help Answer Your Questions

Why Join Kinderama.com?

  • Excellent Value for Money
  • Positive Screen Time
  • Energetic Classes
  • Make & Create
  • Story Time
  • 10 Minutes Peace
  • Make Believe Adventures
  • Private Parents Facebook Group

How much does it cost?

Kinderama.com will be the best investment you ever make. You can pay €9 (£8.50) per month, 3 months is €18 (£17) or €63 (£59) for 12 months. These prices are subject to exchange rate changes.

How do I contact Kinderama.com?

You can contact me by emailing me at team@kinderama.com and I will respond to your query very soon.

What's the Private Parents Facebook Group?

The Private Facebook Group is a great community where members share tips, tricks & their kinderama.com experience. Once you request to join the group, we will get you accepted as soon as possible. Feel free to post pictures of any creations your little ones have made, their favourite songs, anything like that, as everyone in the group will appreciate it. If you haven’t already done so, join our private Facebook group for members.

How many devices can I be logged into Kinderama.com at a time?

You can log into Kinderama.com on two devices at any given time – so your phone and laptop for example. Once your account is logged into on a third device, your other two devices will be logged out. This is a new security feature we have implemented with the aim of bringing things to your attention if your account details are jeopardised.

It is not the same to close the browser on the other devices, you must be actually logged out.

Do I have to decide after one month if I'd like to continue or is it automatic?

Kinderama.com is an autorenewal subscription so after the month, you will be automatically charged. So if you would only like to sign up for one month, you will have to cancel your subscription before that date. The same applies for the 3 month and annual subscriptions.

Can you Chromecast Kinderama.com to a television?

We’re delighted that chromecasting is a feature which Kinderama.com supports, so you can cast my videos to your television and keep your little ones happy. Android devices will need to chromecast from a Google Chromecast device using the Google Home App. Apple/iPhone users will need a compatable smart TV in order to screen mirror Kinderama.com to your TV.

How can I cancel my Subscription?

Of course you can cancel at any time. It is a subscription that is designed to be flexible.

To cancel your subscription, log into the site, and navigate to My Account in the menu. Go to the subscriptions tab, and you will see a link to cancel.

Should you have any issue in doing this, contact team@kinderama.com and we will cancel it for you.

What happens if someone buys me a gift card & I'm already a member?

If you’re lucky enough to have someone buy you the great gift of a Kinderama.com eGift Card, and you happen to already be a member of the site, send an email to team@kinderama.com 

I received a gift card as a present, but the code is reading ‘invalid’. What should I do?

What a lovely gift to receive! I’m sorry that you’re having an issue redeeming your lovely gift. It is vital that you redeem your gift card through the link contained within the same email as your gift card coupon code. The code will not read ‘invalid’ when you go through the relevant link. If the problem persists, please email team@kinderama.com