Mini Camps for Younger Children

Creative, Short Camps –  Perfect for age 3-5 yrs

Amazing Adventures, Beautiful Costumes & Fascinating Puppets.

Qualified, Vetted Teachers in a Safe , Nurturing Environment.

Building Confidence & Social Capabilities – Perfect prep for school.

Music, Arts & Crafts, Yoga & Mindfulness.

Magical Memories are made at our mini camps.

Pirates, Mermaids, Dragons & Fairies – the possibilities are endless!

Classes for Creches, Pre-Schools & Schools

Unique Mulit-Activity Classes – Perfect for a younger child’s attention span.

Dance, Drama, Music, Sport, New Skills, Mindfulness, Yoga — We love variety!

Improved Balance, Co-Ordination & Flexibility.

Exciting Props, Costumes & Puppets.

A Different Theme Each Week. 

Building Confidence & Social Capabilities.

Nurturing Environment with Vetted, Reliable Teachers.

A Fun-Packed, Energetic Class where Children make Magical Memories.

Flexible Payment Options – Contact us for more info today.